Go Digital and engage your target audience with a virtual mobile phone number!

Take advantage of using virtual mobile phone numbers! This kind of mobile numbers works similarly with the traditional mobile numbers in your “SIM cards.” You can still redirect SMS, calls and fax to the target audience of your choice and maximize for better communication.

With these numbers’ unique nature of not being bound to any physical unit (i.e. No SIM card), mobilization is much more free and flexible. Less expensive equipment, less burden in your business communication.

Target your market with branded messages

Allow a more flexible SMS communication with a Virtual Mobile Number!

Continue receiving inbound text messages on a virtual mobile number. More commonly referred to as SMS short-codes or SMS response numbers, you can consider these virtual numbers just like any other normal mobile number that your Cast account can use to receive text messages with. In addition, you can still use these digital numbers for email to SMS, marketing campaign responses, urgent client communication and even keyword marketing .

As you engage your customers with 2-way SMS communication, sending out SMS messages as part of your marketing campaigns is only the beginning. SMS marketing is proven to be excellent with communicating and building a more solid client-audience relationship. Using 2 way SMS is easy to proceed with conversations with target audience and business prospects that replied to your promotions, ads and other campaigns. It’s all about engaging with a lead immediately with a quick, personal and simple response.


Promote with Branded SMS

Easy Set-up

How it works is very simple. Your SMS conversation builds-up in your email just how you would normally view it. Each communication message and target audience replies are displayed as you continue with your conversation.

When completed, you will have a full record of your conversation in one email thread. This is your proof of dialogue. Also,email reports will keep you posted whether a message has been delivered to your recipient via their mobile phone.

Promote with Branded SMS

Convenient and Flexible

Before any interaction of a potential client starts off with knowing how your business can help them. It’s all about proper information. This is how virtual mobile numbers can help you conveniently reach your clients.

  • It is accessible via the Internet. This makles online ordering or meeting set-up much easier;
  • Your number is not tied to any physical location as there is no SIM card or any cable connection;
  • You can augment your system by getting another telephone services for welcome messages, voicemail, call recording, conditional automatic messaging response and recall forwarding, among other features;
Promote with Branded SMS

Multiple Function

Your virtual mobile number have these functions for your to set-up your campaigns on:

  • Sending and receiving SMS to your target audience;
  • Making/receiving calls as required with your communication process;
  • Rerouting of calls and SMS as needed;
  • Multichannel numbers, to avoid your number less overcharged for any necessary communication add-on fees;
  • Toll free 800 numbers, which is similar to multichannel numbers, wherein your callers can make free calls (which is then billed to the user of the number).

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Time to set-up your account and start casting!