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Always make sure that you keep your customers safe and your business secure all the time. We can help you verify all users with every access, protect accounts, keep every transaction secured, and establish trust with your customers.

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Having a multi-factor authentication system is key in keeping your business safe. From business to client and vice versa, you need to keep an eye on the security in all of your business systems and operations. Even with your communication.

Keep fake bot accounts out by constantly verifying users with one-time verification codes. Prevent cyber fraud and closely follow consumer protection regulations with customer confirmation with every transaction. Verify logins from new devices or locations to prevent your clients from worrying about any access on their account.


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Keep your customers safe

Did you know that 9 out of 10 passwords can be deciphered in six hours? In addition, two-thirds of people use the same password for all their key accounts. You need to keep your customers safe. Make sure that no one else logs into their account.

Cast provides a multi-layered security system that requires your clients to verify their identity through various ways. This allows you to safely and confidently know that your every transaction and account access is actually from your legitimate client.

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Keep your business secure

There are thousands, if not millions, of bots and fraudulent accounts that are attempting to hack practically everyone everyday. With these virtual account weeds rampant online, they cause costing various companies from different industries millions of dollars every day. 

Protect your business and make sure that unauthorized access to your business is prevented. Only your clients should have access to your business system. Having an account verification system helps prevent fraud, increase business conversions and ultimately build customer trust.

Manage your OTP and 2-FA Verification system

Cast can generate, send and verify One Time Password for your customers. We then verify it for you, making it a hassle-free process for you and your clients. Get started with multi-factor authentication for your business even if you don’t have any high-end coding capacity in your business.




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One-Time Passwords

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Time to set-up your account and start casting!