Be intelligent with your communication

With a programmable API, you can create the most customizable multi channel messaging system to reach your target audience. That’s intelligent communication for your business.

Target your market with branded messages

API customization can be implemented from almost every popular programming language. With Cast’s API, you can take advantage of our most advanced system integrations to ensure you communicate to your audience the way you want to.

With our API, you can set up various functions and automate your whole communication process. You can add and retrieve contacts, set up a schedule and send out bulk SMS messages to groups or to specific contacts, retrieve message delivery reports as you need it, review your SMS credit balance, and even generate OTP (One Time Passwords) for your system validation.


Promote with Branded SMS

Event Reminders

Help decrease your no-show headcount by setting up custom reminders for events. Whether it is a limited promotion or a marketing event, you can regularly remind your customers about your upcoming appointment. For private sessions, you can also customize Cast to have them either confirm or reschedule the event over their preferred communication platform.

Promote with Branded SMS

Evergreen Marketing Cycle

Improve your customer conversion and keep them within your marketing reach! Send regular communication over their preferred channels to keep them up–to-date with your promotions and events.

Promote with Branded SMS

Important Notifications

Update your customers on time-critical information such as limited promotions, unique events and important meetings. Make your brand more relevant and personalized with the use of custom account notifications.

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Delivery Updates

Keep your customer in the loop and updated regarding your business delivery. Every customer wants to know the progress of their long-awaited delivery. You can also make it more engaging with two-way, self-service notifications.

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Emergency Reminders

Immediately send warning messages, event alerts and updates, public safety advisories, and many more! Be a source of critical information for your clients and be their top-of-mind brand. You can reach out to them with Cast via the communication channels of their choice.

Promote with Branded SMS

One-time passcodes and Verification System

Ensure your users are legitimate, especially when they are trying to access the account through your portal system. Doing so stops unwanted bots right at their tracks before they can do more harm to you and your customer. This builds trust and further guarantees a more precise service delivery everytime.

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Time to set-up your account and start casting!