Go Bulk and Make it big!

You need to have the ability to deliver SMS messages in bulk to your target audience. This is the core of every SMS marketing campaign.

Target your market with branded messages

Strengthen your core group or a large number of contacts in one go! Cast allows you to SMS messages in bulk with 100% delivery, to sustain your SMS marketing campaign.

Use Cast’s Bulk SMS Messaging to reach out to your target consumers to announce special offers or discounts that you want to promote. Just imagine the revenue you can generate with just a message cast to the right market.


Promote with Branded SMS

Collect numbers

Attract new business to your company. Offer new products. Let the world know what you have. This is where SMS marketing can definitely help you effectively sort out your growing client-base!

Cast has the ability to collect mobile numbers from your potential clients list to convert them and turn them into opt-in subscribers. This makes them a great selection of people who are willing to hear from you and your brand about great deals.

Promote with Branded SMS

Go beyond location

Cast’s Bulk SMS Messaging allows expanding companies to take advantage of communicating to their desired market beyond what they can physically reach. This turns a business into a limitless brand that goes beyond specific geographic location.

You can send an SMS message to almost everyone in any location around the globe. Bulk SMS Messaging can reach anyone, as long as they have a communication phone that can receive this type of messages.

Promote with Branded SMS

Messaging Flexibility

Cast can be used by any brands, any businesses (great and small), local establishments, local and international companies, and any other organization to communicate with their target audience about any key message they want to spread out to their community.

Cast bulk sms messages however you please since our platform offers a wide range of messaging flexibility. Start your SMS marketing with a simple message sent at the right time to the right people with the right tool.

Get Started with Cast

Time to set-up your account and start casting!

Time to set-up your account and start casting!